An ambitious moonshot to accelerate ecological+economic development in our local communities

The energy innovation is already here to transition our cities to cleaner & cost-saving solutions today, while also creating new jobs and reducing inequalities.

Yet the key barriers are: 1) technical expertise, and 2) staff capacity for funding & implementation.

We are creating new opportunities for philanthropists + corporations to help transition our local communities to a clean economy.

Why local communities?

By 2030, nearly 65% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. Already, they account for 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 78% of global energy consumption. Cities will transition from the epicenter of emissions to the epicenter of a sustainable world.

Who do we work with?

Local Governments: We provide technical & funding assistance for local politicians & staff that are interested in or already implementing clean energy innovation, like solar energy, energy efficiency projects, electric vehicles, electric transit/school buses, biking infrastructure, and more. As fuel costs continue to rise, cities & counties are looking towards cost-saving opportunities with energy innovation.

Energy Innovation Companies: Local governments need assistance implementing these projects, such as installing solar panels or EV charging infrastructure. We are building bridges between the public sector and the private sector.

Financial Institutions: Cities need financing for most of these innovation projects, such as project finance or leasing for solar installations.

Grantwriters: The latest Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill is bringing billions of $$$ to local communities, so we are connecting local governments and grantwriters with these time-sensitive funding opportunities.

Philanthropists & Corporations: Major philanthropists & corporations are committing ambitious efforts towards their climate goals. We want to push corporations away from carbon offsets (e.g. planting trees) and towards funding zero-emission solutions in communities that will truly move the needle on global emissions.

Founding Team

Stuart Powell

Aanchal Somani

Get involved

We are looking for people who can get behind our vision/mission and are willing to give their time and expertise. In 2022, we will be bringing on people (advisor, part-time, full-time) who want to make a dent in climate action. We aren't posting official roles yet, but we are exploring needs for the following roles:
Technical AdvisorsData ScientistsProduct ManagersMarketing & PRLogistics & OpsUX/UI DesignersLegal

We officially began our fundraising cycle in 2022. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards our efforts, please click the button below for our dedicated fundraising site.